Christian Homeschool 
of the Commonwealth

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History of CHC

CHC was started in 1992 by a homeschooling mother, Debbie Love.  Enlisting the help of Tim Thompson, children's pastor of Porter Memorial Baptist Church, Mrs. Love formed a close knit cooperation of homeschooling families called "The Porter Group."  Porter's vision was to provide supplemental classes for students, promote Christian fellowship and encouragement for homeschooling moms, and minister to the needs of the community.

"I can remember the first day I walked into this gathering of mothers," reflects Lisa Hamilton.  "Their warmth and eagerness to help me, a new homeschooling mother, was overwhelming."  Originally, mothers were not allowed to leave during the day.  They gathered in a very small room to have a time of prayer, announcements, and fellowship, all the while sitting on uncomfortable small preschool chairs.  All of the mothers were eager to share their findings about which homeschooling techniques worked and which were less effective.

CHC grew to include high school classes in 1998, preschool classes in 2002, and increased the number of elementary classes.  Additional popular activities were initiated as a result of CHC's growth, such as Field Day.  One of the traditional highlights for CHC students was the annual Thanksgiving Feast which began in 1998.

Adding high school students produced CHC's first alumnus in 2000.  Ceremonies were initiated to honor CHC's seniors in 2001.  In 2003, CHC held a Senior Banquet, Bash, and graduation ceremony.  The following year, the junior high students celebrated their first Junior High Pizza Banquet.  These events and others like See You At The Pole and the Valentine's skating party were initiated, organized, and sponsered by the Student Council which began in 2002.  The Student Council also organized community service activities, created school clubs, and developed the students' newsletter.

Beginning in 1992 with only 21 students, CHC had grown to include 144 students by 2005.  With ten to twelve families on the waiting list, we saw God still using our group to reach out to the community and touch lives.  By 2009, the group had grown to 199 students (114 Elementary and 85 Junior/Senior High) with over 50 families on the waiting list.

CHC, then called The Porter Group, was located at Porter Memorial from 1992 to 1999.  Then, the group moved to Broadway Baptist Church and was called "The Broadway Homeschool Co-op".  In 2002-2003, the co-op moved again to Hill-n-Dale Christian Church and was known as "S.C.H.O.O.L."  In the fall of 2003, CHC returned to Porter Memorial and again changed its name to "Christian Homeschool Co-op" (CHC).  The co-op name was changed to "Christian Homeschool of the Commonwealth" when CHC became a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization in July 2017. After 14 years at Porter Memorial, CHC moved to Crosswoods Baptist Church in September 2017. God's mighty hand and blessings have continuously been at work in all aspects of the co-op.